A Brief History

Thank you so much for checking out this series! For starters, Alex & Borble is a weekly audio comedy show featuring two characters whose names I need not impart for fear of unnecessary repetition.
What is most exciting about season 1 of Alex & Borble is watching how our characters developed slowly into what they are today in this first Christmas special. Borble didn’t always have such a high voice. In fact, when we recorded our very first episode (002 below) entitled, Over Here is Over There, the names Alex and Borble didn’t even exist yet.

We will be releasing the remainder of this season’s episodes in the same order in which they were created, beginning with our very first episode, Over Here is Over There, which is a parody of the famous Abbot and Costello skit, Who’s on First. In fact the very idea of the Alex & Borble show and the characters themselves were inspired by skits done by Abbot and Costello. Alex plays the straight man while Borble goes off on wild tangents from time to time.

Throughout the course of creating these episodes there were new elements added to our Characters along the way. Borble, for example, won’t have a high class British family until season 2. We thought about possibly releasing later episodes with the more developed characters first. However, in the end we thought it better to release them all in order with the exception of this first Christmas Special. There is so much great content and so many hilarious quotables in this first season that would probably not have the same effect if we mixed them up too much.

Featuring Joel’s Original Artwork!