Chapter 6: World War 3

Borble’s entire future depends on the success or failure of his most outrageous plan ever. To win over Aunt Edna he has staged an event of worldwide proportions. Will he manage to pull it off, or will it doom him to be a family outcast for the rest of his life?

Chapter 5: Unforeseen Tragedy

Until recently Borble was quite optimistic about getting back into Aunt Edna’s good graces. All that has changed, and even Alex could not have predicted such a ridiculous mess…

Chapter 3: Dinner at Six

Borble finds himself in a terrible situation when he realizes he’s mixed up his scheduling. Two of his most esteemed relatives are showing up for dinner on the same day. Why is this such a disaster? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

Chapter 2: Physical Thickness

After an unsuccessful attempt at gaining his Aunt Edna’s favor, Borble laments the many downfalls of his early life in Britain. The conversation shifts to Edna again, and Borble says more on the subject than he should… as usual.

Alex & Borble: The Classical Adventures

Chapter 1: The Clovingsworth Concert Alex & Borble’s Classical Adventures premieres today with Episode 1: The Clovingsworth Concert! Upon returning to Britain, Borble is hosting a grand concert at the Clovingsworth Manor. Among the arriving guests is his illustrious Aunt Edna, the undeniable matriarch of the entire Clovingsworth family. Borble’s hope is that he can use the concert as a …