Introductory Pamphlet:

“Welcome to the vault ladies and gentlemen. I’m Biff Bugleburg, your host, lending you the keys to societal reconstruction one step at a time.”
“Each week I will shoot a new video in which I instruct you, a distant future generation, on how to reconstruct society after its inevitable collapse. The perceived cause or causes of such an event are irrelevant because I’m sure you could care less how you arrived at your current predicament and more interested in learning how to get out of it. Therefore The Biffolog has chosen to focus solely on teaching you, the folks of the future, how you must deal with the unfortunate life and death situations you will undoubtedly find yourselves in. It was created entirely with you in mind.”

“Topics that The Biffolog will cover include: survival tips, pest prevention, farming, currency, transportation and other such things that will no doubt be much more complicated in a post-societal world. If you find yourselves looking for a road map to help you navigate the many dangers and pitfalls of societal reconstruction, The Biffolog is for you. If, however, you wish to figure it out for yourself and ignore my advice then just note that I will not be held responsible for whatever ill fate befalls you.”

-Biff Bugleburg